The apocalypse is now.  There are only a few who have remained unturned. You have to work together to survive. This is your life now. This is Unturned.

Unturned looks a lot like Minecraft but with a twist. It’s survival of the fittest, end of days, hiding to stay alive, and beating the odds at a fast pace. You can shoot your way through zombie packs and raid abandoned places for food and medical supplies. If you like the hit TV show The Walking Dead you’ll appreciate this game. It’s similar only done in the block and pixilated reality that is Minecraft and Lego. Many unturned hacks are already available to help survive the dark nights. Unturned adds a new element to first person survival games, changing the landscape and making you dig deep to survive.


You have to earn your tools in this game. You start with a bottle of juice and a candy bar. All of your health and hunger bars are on the bottom of the scream, which allows you to gauge where you are in the game. Zombies come out of the woodworks to attack you and have to run for your life at any given time. The game keeps you on the edge of your seat. You have to get away but you have to be careful too – you can break bones in this game and doing so will inhibit your ability to run. Grab things and store them in your backpack to carry with you along the way. Get away. Survive.

Unturned challenge your will to survive. Be on the look out for clothes, craft tools, and meet other survivors along the way. Build a base to protect yourself. Devise plans to defeat the zombies. This is all you’ll do, so make it count.

Nelson Sexton has made this game available on early access, which means it’s free. Check out the changes on a weekly basis and be one of the first people to enjoy this new game.

Enjoy the ride.


What’s that sound?

Could it be an animal?

The wind?

Another person?

Better check, but be careful.  Any of them could be dangerous.

That’s the world you live in now.  That’s Rust.

Rust is a first person, multiplayer game for PCs that lulls you into a false sense of security.   You think you’re alone in this post-apocalyptic radiation-laden world, but you’re not.  There and animals around and that is good because you have to eat to survive. But there are also people around.  You might think that’s a good thing and maybe you could even form a couple of relationships with people and travel the long road called life together, but sometimes being with people is not a good thing.  Sometimes being with people can get you killed. A lot of people that play Rust also take the advantage of using Rust Hacks that allow them to find other players, find loot boxes and much more!


Popular is this game’s middle name.  Rust was released in late 2013 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and made an impression almost immediately.  In its first two weeks Rust sold 150,000 copies.  As of February 21, 2014 Rust has made over $30 million at only $19.99 a pop.

It’s addictive.  You’ll see.

Game play is intense.  Can you handle the pressure of hunting for food and building adequate shelter so you don’t freeze to death, all the while keep an eye out for crazies?  Will be become one of those crazies yourself?  Only time will tell.


If you’ve ever watched Adult Swim on TV, you’ll likely know the kind of humor that they like to go for; off-beat, bizarre, demented, incoherent, stupid, and so on. But that’s what makes them special. People watch for how absurd it can get.

To appease their biggest fans, Adult Swim has come up with Jazzpunk, a first-person adventure and exploration game where you go around in a weird alternate reality trying to solve mysteries... sort of. It is honestly hard to pin down what Jazzpunk is exactly. It’s something that is better experienced for yourself, since words don’t really do it justice. In any case, it’s most likely not one of those upcoming game releases that you’ve always wanted.


Much of the game takes place in an urban-like, fictional setting with various random novelties and easter eggs strewn about. It tries to impose on you a very, very loose plot, but it may as well be ignored as you take in all of the absurd things that are happening around you.

Since the game focuses mostly on trying to make you laugh through the use of weird humor, there’s little actual “game” to be played. At the same time, it’s not meant to be a full-fledged coherent title, so there’s no big loss there. In any case, it’s a kind of humor that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Graphics and Tech

They decided to go for a somewhat minimalistic art style with this game, which works to its advantage. Once you start playing it, you’ll have a hard time imagining it looking like anything else. The style fits very well for what the game sets out to do.

Given that Adult Swim wants as many people as possible to be able to run the game, the system requirements aren’t particularly high. It’s not a very sophisticated game to begin with, so you certainly don’t need anything beefy for it to be perfectly playable.

Other Thoughts

For those who enjoy Adult Swim humor and gags (you know who you are), this game will provide plenty of entertainment for about a couple hours or so. As for whether it’s worth the $14.99 that they’re asking for, well, that’s mostly up to you. This and other video game reviews seem to agree that they put a fair amount of effort into the game. And at $14.99 it’s not like it’s going to break your wallet if you try to buy it. Either way, it’s good for a few laughs for whenever you’re extremely bored and/or under the influence. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot to be said about it.

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Infamous: Second Son was one of the most anticipated upcoming game releases on the PS4, mostly due to the success of previous Infamous games. They’ve implemented open-world gaming in a way that’s both very impressive and incredibly fun. Not to mention, the game shows a ton of technical prowess that other games on the PS4 will have to catch up to.

Truly, Infamous: Second Son gives us a glimpse of what next-gen systems will be capable of. Right now, it’s likely only scratching the surface since these systems are so new and unexplored, but you can’t help but be inspired and hopeful for future games after playing this one.


Much like previous titles, the game revolves around using your extraordinary powers to manipulate your environment and/or defeat foes. Something that sets Second Son apart from all the others, though, is the multitude of powers that you can get and how you can use them to your advantage.

Without getting into any spoilers, the powers you acquire throughout the game are all very useful or fun to use in their own ways. One of them might let you navigate the city environment more quickly, or another might allow you to quickly travel through vents. And so on. This, combined with novelties such as graffiti art, makes everything a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Graphics and Tech

One of the most impressive things about this game is how lovely it looks. As you play through it, you’ll really start to notice that it’s a title made specifically with the PS4 in mind. It has the kind of graphics that, in the past, would normally be reserved for high-end PC games. Now, this is no longer the case (at least for the time being).

They’ve also made good use of the extra memory in the PS4 by minimizing load times. It still happens in between missions, but when you’re roaming the large open world, there’s not a single load screen or notable pause in sight.

Other Thoughts

Besides gameplay and graphics, the story is also fairly solid. It’s certainly not the most important or most emphasized part of the game, but what is there seems to be solid enough to drive the campaign forward. What’s most interesting is the karma system and the various moral choices you make throughout the game.

All in all, Infamous: Second Son is one of those must-play titles for the PS4 that will likely sell quite a few consoles for people who don’t already have it. It’s not necessarily a mind-blowing game, but it’s still great fun. Other video game reviews tend to agree with this.